UNI In 1996, Yasunori Matsuda “MACCHO” and Yasushi Yamazaki “OSHO” started up their new  music band named UNI. They used new musical conception in their songs with unique mixture of trance, techno and rock music.

In the beginning of activity they participated various big and small outdoor festivals, rave-parties  all over Japan. They attracted the most part of their audience with live music activity, because this type of musicians is very rare in Japan. They participated in producing compilation music album other than live music stage activity. In 2000, they released their debut album ” UNI” through PANORAMA Record label.   In 2002, they released 2nd full album ” VENUS”, which became a spectacular big hit and sales record in the history of  techno/trance artists in Japan. In 2004, they released 3rd music album ” LA’MOVIN” through THROB Record label, which became also a tremendous sales record. By this release of music album, UNI became one of primary music units in Japan.  In August of the same year, they took part in Fuji Rock Fes04 , the largest outdoor music festival in Japan. UNI also played their music in many other countries. They went to Greece, Australia to do their music performances. In 2005, they released their 1st live-stage album” LIVE UNION”. In 2007, guitarist SHAKE joined the band and they released next full-length album “NEWUNDERSTAND” after three years. New member brought new sound influences in music.

Except the band, MACCHO edited the SUGIZO’s works, who is member of  famous Japanese band LUNA SEA. He did an arrangement for Japanese pop-singer Melody. And also he began his new activity as SINE6 and released his first album. OSHO started his own project with Holeg Spies, who is a famous artist of electronic music scene in Europe.