Valentin StrykaloYuri Kaplan (vocals, guitar)
Andrew Tropeshko (guitar)
Yevgeny Ilyin (bass)
Anton Shchelkonogov (drums)

???????? ???????? (Valentin Strykalo) is a Ukrainian alternative rock group created in 2010, by soloist Yuri Kaplan.

Through a series of vlog-styled videos; Yury’s tongue in cheek fictional character Valentin Strykalo, was first introduced to the public in 2008. Presenting himself as a young shy and ackward but talented singer/songwriter/musician from a small village in Zhytomyrskiy region, Ukraine. Each video parodied in feel one of the xUSSR reigning pop-stars.

This humorous, and musical style of Kaplan’s videos quickly became popular around the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. Turning Valentin Strykalo into a meme and spawning dozens of similar “videos” and copycats of his vlog.

Valentine Strykalo the band, is a continuation of that successful internet meme. From the original songs, with their biting mockery of pop music and culture, a fully grown adult rock project has emerged. Valentin Strykalo released their debut album ??????? ? ??????????! (Humble Yourself and Relax!) on February 24, 2012.

Today Valentine Strykalo draw full houses throughout the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). The band’s live shows are known for their incredible energy, audience interaction, and frontman’s biting humor.