Fred C (vocal, guitar, keyboard)
Pascal C (vocal, guitar, keyboard)
Fred T (guitar, chorus)
Bill O (bass)
Olivier “Piment” (drums, chorus)

The Yeallow project saw the light of day in 2006, when Fred C and Pascal decided to take pleasure in merging the cultures and musical experiences of both of them. Finding it difficult to arrange their calendars to be able to spend time on the project, Fred released the solo EP One, in December 2008.

The EP was comprised of six tracks of which Fred composed, played on and produced himself. On sale exclusively on iTunes, it found a cosmopolitan audience, sold internationally and garnered promising reviews. “Warm voices and well-constructed songs,” wrote Dreno, musician and rock critic. In 2009, a viral film for a brand of mobile phones used “Temptation” off the EP as its soundtrack.

One would be the start of the Yeallow tone and sound. Alternative Rock While, the desire to play live led to the formation of the band Yeallow. Joining the co-founders in this project were lead guitarist Fred T, drummer Piment and bassist Bill.

As a group of five, the dynamic changed and covers quickly gave way to rich and energetic songs with mature lyrics. So, came about a peculiar world, a pop/rock alternative sound with no hang-ups about its rock influences, as if Lou Reed were to sing a ballad with Pearl Jam in the style of Radiohead with Brian Ferry and Bowie’s elegance! References acknowledged, but without reverence!

In July 2009, Yeallow decided to get back into the studio to record twelve new tracks of their first collective album 2891 Seconds. The recording, which blends classical and electronic instruments, was done at the Studio Grenat in Strasbourg, France, by Romain Ferrey.

That’s what Yeallow is all about! One to discover and follow.