neko nine

Neko Nine is a band from Yaroslavl, Russia. It was started as one-man project in 2009 by Seva Shaposhnikov. Focused on post-rock, post-metal and electronic atmospheric music this one-man band released “My stars” EP in 2010, and the album “Summer is you” in 2011. In December 2011 the project became a four piece band rereleasing “Summer is you” on “Fluttery Records” label. In the near future Neko Nine plans to release a new EP, and perhaps a new full album.

If you like beautiful, atmospheric and aesthetics music – Check them out.

Now Neko Nine is a five piece band with:
Seva Shaposhnikov (guitar, vocals, samples), Andrey Kuznetsov (bass), Roman Veselof (guitar), Aleksander Danilevsky (drums), Nikita Kojemyakin (keybords).

VK (Russian SNS)
Fluttery Records