Opera Magna is a Spanish power metal band formed en 1997 by Enrique Mompó and Javier Nula.
Fro almost three years Enrique and Javier were creating songs and concept for their debut album El Último Caballero. In 2000 Fernando Asensi (drums) and later in 2001 Alejandro Penella (bass) and Pablo Solano (vocal) joined the band. But it takes two more years before the final release of the first album. Before the recording Pablo left the band and was replaced by Jose Vincente Broseta. Also, after the recordings Adrián Romero become the drummer of the band and with Rubén Casas on keyboards the band got all actual members.

In 2010 the band released the second album Poe. Every song on it represents on of the stories of the famous writer. The band collaborated with many musicians and actors while working on this album. All the songs from it are available on youtube.

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