Rupa & the April FishesThe musicians, Aaron Kierbel and Safa Shokrai, Misha Khalikulov and Mario Alberto Silva, came from all over the world, converging in San Francisco USA to become the April Fishes with frontwoman Rupa Marya, the self-described “ringleader for the band of misfits” whose Hindustani roots settled in California. In their work together, musical languages converge from around the world; from punk to indie rock, from reggae to raga to rockabolly, chanson to cumbia, from Malian guitar patterns to mournful duduk melodies. Rupa & the April Fishes’ first album eXtraOrdinary rendition, was sung in a mix of French, Spanish, English, and Hindi. Este mundo, their sophomore release, is mostly in Spanish, while the band’s third album Build is their first work primarily in English. The group takes its name from “poisson d’avril,” a French term (literally “April Fish”) that means “April fools.”