Punk Freakshow Troupe: Strawberry Song OrchestraDescribing themselves as freak show punk, Strawberry Song Orchestra (ストロベリーソングオーケストラ・苺楽團) is a Japanese band with 13 core members, 7 of which are actors. Combining elements from a variety of styles; punk, hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, folk, and nursery rhymes, Strawberry Song Orchestra’s overall theater-based performances are dark theatrics interspersed with rock, modern and improvisational music laced with vocal and visual commentary on modern society. Members are: Troupe Leader Miyaaku Sensha (Vocals), Tsukikage Mika (Vocals), Fumita Kokuu (Drums), Kirihira Ranse (Bass), Morita Tetsudou (Guitar), Takahashi Hideo (Keyboard), Toki Utamo (Actor), Amou Chiyako (Actress), Kotobuki Souya (Actor), Kadowaki Montblanc (Actor), Dan Minako (Actress), Yoshie (Actress), Yayoi Yuriko (Actress) and Kiriko (Actress).